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    EDITIONS Collection

    Where are your tapestries made?

    All my EDITIONS tapestries are manufactured here in France on locally sourced linen and cotton fabric.

    How do I iron the tapestry?

    Once you receive your tapestry, you will need to iron it as it will have been folded and rolled in transit. Use a mid to high heat setting and iron on the reverse.  I would recommend to use demineralized water with your iron as some tap water depending on its hardness can cause light staining. 

    How do I hang the tapestry?

    Just measure the distance between the two grommet holes, then insert screws into the wall and hang.  Should you prefer a tighter look rather than a hanging look you can also insert a further two screws for the bottom grommet holes and stretch the tapestry accordingly.  

    How many limited editions are there for each design?

    I have issued a run of 200 numbered and signed limited edition tapestry prints.  After that there will be no more of that particular design.

    What about shipping and customs etc?

    I offer free shipping to the UK and the EU.  I charge a flat fee of €35 for US and Canada and €50 for Australia and New Zealand.

    Customs fees are out of my control and are dependent on where you reside. I do know based on previous orders to the UK, the fees are around the £40 mark. For the EU and the USA there are no custom fees.

    I use UPS tracked shipping for all my orders unless you have specified a relay point pickup location.



    My Original Painted Tapestries


    What do you paint on and with what paints?

    I paint on large unstretched raw heavy cotton canvas with acrylic paints.

    Do you do commissions?

    Generally speaking I do not, however thats not to say I will not.  It just depends really.  If you like a painting I have but would prefer a different color palette then that would be possible.  For anything else just get in touch and we can have a chat.

    How do you ship your artworks?

    I ship my tapestries rolled and protected in a large cardboard shipping tube with UPS



    I have a shop/boutique and would like to sell your EDITIONS tapestries.  How do I do this?

    You can click the link in my Wholesale section which will take you directly to my Ankorstore shop where you can then purchase what you want.


    *If you have any questions that are not covered here please just get in touch with me via the contact page or the live chat :)


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